FEET UP on a working day

I simply love it when my husband and I both wake up to the irritating alarm in the middle of the week, look towards the window, try and look into the future and visualize how hectic and unvaried our day is going to be, sigh and with the same thought say ‘Lets just bunk today’.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we do this often – Maybe once in about 3 odd months or so.

Now that it is decided that we are not going to put our shoes on, no list of tasks to follow, no calls that HAVE TO be taken from ten different people – we put on a fragrant pot of tea, grab the gardening gear and see how the plants are doing. It is so rare that we have the time during the middle of the day to observe the shades of green change from light to light.

What a beautiful sunny day it  is – all the clothes are out in the sun for a quick dry, the kitchen is cleaned, all our favorite songs are playing at the back while we grab the newspaper and the tab to see what all we have missed in the past few days.

I have grilled fish, wine that tastes better with motley conversations and a breeze that refuses to give up. Now that the bike is washed and nicely oiled, the grocery shopping is done for the month. What a peaceful day!

I’m sure you must be thinking – isn’t this a weekend kind of a day? Well, we did accomplish much more that any other day but since nothing was planned or was on a schedule, it was twenty times more relaxed and the day just cruised along with our tempo of doing nothing – yet completing everything.




Think you are irreplaceable? Not really!

Sounds kind of shrewd right?

Sadly, its a fact!

Every organisation, firm, work – place has one element which is the most important thing that it runs on – people!

But, people come and people go.

As such trends go, quite a few people have been walking out on the company I work in. Due to the role I play in the office, I have a lot of coordination that I need to do and maintain between teams and clients. At such times, when I go to them to talk about some work or the other, the conversation ends with them telling me – “The company and you will know what I am worth once I’m gone” or things like “You’ll see how helpless you are once I walk out and there is no one to help out” and such similar things.

I remember when a few years ago I too was on the other side of the table with a lot of anger gushing out of me for the company I was leaving while I spewed out similar things only to find out that I too was replaced just as fast as I was the one replacing the person whose seat I had earlier filled in for.

How do you mend this thought and the ego that follows? Now again, as such patterns go, the company usually does not lose time in hiring someone new to fill in those shoes and continues to function like nothing changed.

Now, siting on this side of the table, the most I can do is tell the person in front that he or she will be dearly missed for the work and the good times shared during hectic hours. Sadly, as far as the work process goes,  now I know the answer which will only stay in my head.