Imagination stocked street!

After a very long time, we had a sunny day and a warm and loving temperature where I refused to sit at home or sit in front of my screen doing some stupid work. An Artsy day indeed.

I have found that TripAdvisor is an amazing Go-To App when I am out of ideas as to where I should be headed next. It suggested that I should try out Graffiti Ally to see if it fills my amusement.

A few bus-stops away from the Queen’s sub in Toronto, Graffiti Alley lives up to its name. It actually is just an Alley! And a dirty one at that. But the art is worth the watch.

Starting with the dark Alley

I was amazed at the colors that were used. Canada being all black white and grey; The fluorescent ones absolutely made my day.

No corner was left colourless and blank.

Even the trash cans weren’t left out!

I am sure there was some kind of thought that was put behind each stroke and pattern.

Another thing that I really loved was the fact that this lane was painted for people of all types. There was no hidden meaning, no dirtiness, no racism. Just plain talent that was on display. A sanctuary for the mind in its own way.

This museum is open for all to see.

The cross lanes must be 25 steps each but there is just so much to see on so few walls that it still took us a few hours to absorb in all the street art.

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