A walk through Loafer’s Lake Park, Brampton

We moved to Canada!!

At the moment, we stay in a place called Brampton which is a bit away from the heart of downtown Toronto.

So as usual, we got fed up of sitting in our Airbnb and decided to move about.

A few friends took us to this beautiful place called Loafer’s Lake Park which was about a 15 minutes drive from our place of stay.

Canada is cold. We were losing light fast and thus couldn’t walk for too long or too far. In that, I am sure we only saw about one tenth of what the park had to offer.


Autumn is making its turn with all the colors it has to offer. The shades of green, yellow, orange and red were stunning. As we kept walking, we went around a part of the lake around which the park was built.

As silent as the day could be, we were the only people in that entire place, well, apart from a few ducks swimming happily and black squirrel squirming around picking up whatever they found edible.

I absolutely love yellow lights that fix blurry paths up! For some reason, they renew the aura of the place and warm one’s heart for no apparent reason.


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