Bewitching Matri Mandir

I have been to Auroville ten’s of times and have always gauged at the Matri Mandir from a distance. The globe of gold that captivated all my senses used to keep me caught up in the moment for passing time.

This time, which would probably be my last trip to Auroville for a very long time, I made sure to take a pass for the tour inside the globe. I had to show proof of identity and make sure that I was on time for the designated time. To start our journey, we were shown a video on the history of Auroville and how it came into being. A brief on the two key people behind this fascinating idea – Sri Aurobindo and ‘The Mother’. The rest of the video gave us an insight on all the activities that take place in Auroville and how it is striving to help the community grow as one. Quite fascinating!

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After that, we all sat in a bus and were taken to the premises of the globe where we had to hand over our bags and phones; which was a bliss. Being seated under two big far-flung trees, a member named ‘B’ shared a few stories and his experiences with us.

To start with, Auroville is NOT a religious place. People from 50+ nationalities stay here who belong to all religions, colors and backgrounds but have one strong shared belief, that is in Humanity. Auroville is built for all who believe in the betterment of humanity, peace and the environment ‘Mother Nature’.

The gardens were vast and still blooming. More trees were getting added to the existing family of flora. They are planning to let a river flow through the premises that will add on to the neck of the woods. There is a huge old banyan tree that depicts the center of Aurovile and on the other side, an Amphitheater with a marble-clad lotus bud looking urn that contains soil placed in it by members of the 124 nations and 23 Indian States that took part in the Auroville initiation ceremony in 1968.

We were soon taken to the Mandir where there was a big crystal that was radiating with light and energy in the middle of the entire structure. When we went inside, we were asked to keep our footwear outside and had to wear white clean socks that they would provide. Believe me when I say – it was white and super clean. There was a spiral structure that would lead us to the inner most chamber where the crystal globe is kept surrounded by 12 pillars. It was truly a chamber in heaven.

We were able to sit in the presence of the globe for about 15 mins to meditate. Must have been the most silent 15 minutes of my life. So many thoughts and then there were none. I felt free. If only I could have had the chance to sleep in that chamber for an hour or so – it would have been the most peaceful time of my conscious life till date.

Auroville has always been a very special place for me. Having stayed in various of the guest houses, each one of them is unique on their own and the people and the green always made my heart feel light.

I hope and pray that it will always stay tranquil and a place for me to go back to.

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