A trip to the Hogenakkal Falls

India is beautiful. Until we prove it otherwise. But then again, lets come to that a little later.

A small group of us who had gone for a 2 day trip to Yelagiri decided to take a small detour and take a quick look at the ‘The Niagara of India’ for all its grand glory. In all honesty, we were stunned. The season was perfect, the sun was just right, the falls were thumping and the river was in full flow.

The calm Kaveri River on a beautiful day

The best way to explore the river and the falls is via the famous coracle rides. Lined with animal hide and tar to combat the water, the coracle is a round bamboo boat. And as all the best salesmen go, business runs on water as well. There were guys who were selling and serving snacks and drinks while letting you enjoy the grandiose of the mountains with the green backdrop around the falls and the waters.

There are a lot of spots where the waters are done with their splashing and twirling and become silent letting you take a nice dip on a hot day. The water was brilliant as we just kept floating along our coracle.

When you enter the venue of the Hogenakkal falls and see its beauty, you have to remember that people and people and love to keep a mess no matter where they go. I was a little disappointed to see how dirty the entry/exit was. People having baths in the small water spaces, washing clothes and utensils, hogging on the fish and throwing the garbage practically everywhere. It was a sad state but hey, the fish was worth the munch!

20150822_160859 (1)

One of the first stalls wee came across – they were still in process of putting the fish in order

A few pointers –

  1. Carry your own water bottles as you may not get unopened water bottles.
  2. An extra set of clothes – If you are planning for that relaxing dip and the scurry through the falls
  3. Food! In case you don’t like fish or are a vegetarian.
  4. Cash
  5. Provision to take your own trash with you

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