Channapatna – The Town of Wood and Wine

I have moved to Bangalore! Which mean that now it’s time to delve into everything that this area and around has to offer to us.

We started off with a quiet little place called Channapatna. What makes this town unique is that the town boasts of the colourful wooden toys made by using soft ivory wood or hale mara. The pretty colors that give the toys the finishing touch are made by using vegetable dyes.

This crafty place of  3000+ artisans  lies between Mysore and Bengaluru. You can visit the factories before going to the shops and see how beautifully these crafts are created.


I felt like a child all over again while I went all gaga over all the small and big toys. All the rocking chairs, spinning spins, the drumming monkey, the coo-coo clock, puzzles, rattle toys, wooden cars, dolls and whatnot’s  got my inner child running around in circles. I was happy to see that a part of my childhood was still alive, thriving and being introduced again through changing times. Somehow things like these never lose their charm.

Wine and Dine at Heritage Winery


The way to this winery is a bit hard to find but is quite scenic in its own way. With farms and trees on both the sides, it gives a feeling of riding through the country sides. Since its away from the concrete jungle, the breeze is a blessing even on a hot sunny day. The dust on the other hand comes with the package.


Now taken over by Sula Wines, this place lets you sample wine and pours you a glass or more with good food where you can sit and relax to your heart’s content.

Its an open place and can tend to heat up the place on a hot day but the ventilation is good. The place is well kept. and we were given a tour around the facility which included us stomping on grapes. An experience of its own.

The dog is cute!

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