Shaping clouds

I’m on my way to Pune from Chennai in a 9.45 AM flight – a perfect bright day, in the clouds with a view like never before.

Remember when we used to be kids lying flat on the ground looking up at the clouds and searching for animals and cartoon characters in them? The experience was always fascinating ; taking our imaginations to an unknown level of self created lands that would reemerge into something else with every passing cloud. What joy!

Unlike most of my other flying journey’s that take place either too early or too late, this time I am back into my cloud filled imagination land – my childhood memories – a sacred heaven. The only difference – I’m riding with the cloud horses rather than watching them soon going above them, through them with more rolling sands.

It’s amazing how I can still see a swimming carrot and a hippo riding a tire. Enjoying one of those few moments from an otherwise adult life when I am not thinking about anything else except those dancing cups and my next shaping clouds.

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