Think you are irreplaceable? Not really!

Sounds kind of shrewd right?

Sadly, its a fact!

Every organisation, firm, work – place has one element which is the most important thing that it runs on – people!

But, people come and people go.

As such trends go, quite a few people have been walking out on the company I work in. Due to the role I play in the office, I have a lot of coordination that I need to do and maintain between teams and clients. At such times, when I go to them to talk about some work or the other, the conversation ends with them telling me – “The company and you will know what I am worth once I’m gone” or things like “You’ll see how helpless you are once I walk out and there is no one to help out” and such similar things.

I remember when a few years ago I too was on the other side of the table with a lot of anger gushing out of me for the company I was leaving while I spewed out similar things only to find out that I too was replaced just as fast as I was the one replacing the person whose seat I had earlier filled in for.

How do you mend this thought and the ego that follows? Now again, as such patterns go, the company usually does not lose time in hiring someone new to fill in those shoes and continues to function like nothing changed.

Now, siting on this side of the table, the most I can do is tell the person in front that he or she will be dearly missed for the work and the good times shared during hectic hours. Sadly, as far as the work process goes,  now I know the answer which will only stay in my head.



3 thoughts on “Think you are irreplaceable? Not really!

  1. It does sound really shrewd and hear-tugging when I think about it. The moment we are elevated about things, work, or even how irreplaceable we are – there is always another room instead of you right? That doesn’t mean somebody can do what you do or what you’ve done, you still have carved your own space there. When those emails and phone calls read deep in my heart, I still know I’m not being missed yet I’m not a jerk…


    1. I agree with what you have to say – shrewd and sad.
      When you leave the workplace for reasons of your own, its true that you have carved yourself a place as a person, as a friend, as a colleague which might be irreplaceable but, on the work front – the higher ups are not going to leave that spot open just because of all the chirpy memories. The person coming in your place may not be as good as you were or then again – might be 10 times better with a whole lot of different experience.
      Nevertheless, that work-place has been replaced!

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