Fleeting moments of free conversations

GOA – a land of lazy dreams, cheap booz, sun-baked bodies, off shaded clothes with junk jewellery, people from all over in drowning music and never ending parties.

So then, that always being one of the reasons why I keep wanting to run away to this land of lovely sands – is just to lose myself. On that note, a random gang of mine decided to have a girls trip out in goa and as my luck shone, I ended up being alone for the first and a half day out of the four crazy days that we had planned.

But believe me when I say this – That day and time was one of the best times I had ever had…

I landed during lunch time and headed straight to my temporary home. Threw my bag on the bed, took a quick shower and headed straight to the waiting waters which were literally a few steps away.

With a nice chilled pint in one hand, legs stretched over the sun bed and a glimmering view, my day was already made. To compliment the day, I was joined by another fellow solo traveller who himself had come to unwind.

It’s like the topics just flew out, we both had someone to listen to and talk to. I could have created an entire different story of my life and told him a whole lot of bullshit but I decided – why the hell not? It was amazing how I opened out just knowing that I am never going to see this person again and whatever I say to him will make no difference to any of our lives.

Of all the random topics that we had to discuss on, we spoke about all the things that didn’t matter, did matters, stuff that would change the world, change us and what not. The conversation was simply perfect. There were no judgements passed, we both criticised each other and slammed a few ideas here and there, discussed al our issues with life and just threw the whole thing out in the open.

My body and chest felt so much lighter. I always wanted a conversation like that – something that would make me forget about everything else.

A friend of mine had once told me that he wished he had one day…just one day when he didn’t have to think about things like studies, exams, phone bills, getting allowances, what friends would think and say – and all that stuff. He said that on that one day, he would just want to be free from all these mindful and mindless thoughts and think of nothing of them. We were just 16 then.

There have been quite a few time when I have caught myself thinking on those same damn lines hoping that a day like that will definitely come. Now I feel, even if it’s not a day, even if I have just those fleeting moments, I would love for them to repeat over and over again.

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