Starry getaway to Mahabalipuram

Whenever Nakul and I want to run away from Chennai, have a low budget and want to eat some excellent Seafood, Mahabalipuram is our go to place. It’s the perfect one day trip that’s about a 65 km ride from home and the minute you leave the city limits, the entire road is along the coast. The shimmering waters, beautiful dancing trees and a straight road with our usual tea stops.

This trip was somewhat different as for the first time in 2 years, we decided to leave the city late evening and hit the road for this random getaway. With the help of Makemytrip.Com, we were able to find this great B&B called Green Wood beach resort which as the name suggests was full of greens and extremely homely and budget friendly. Nominated as one of our cheapest stays (Rs. 290 :D) this was exactly our kind of a day.

After we kept our tiny bag in the room, we headed straight to the beach front shack, put our feet up, stared at the Arabian Sea and complimented the view and mood with chilled beer and amazing calamari and tava masala fish. . . Need I say anymore?

As we strolled on the beach and took a nice spot to laze in, after a very very long time I was drowned in the tunes of the waves and the millions of sparkling stars. A clear view. The clouds moving around like a swaying thin cloth curtain and the moon shining with all its might. I don’t know how long we stayed there paralysed in that moment but all I could think of was nothing. It was perfect. I don’t remember the last time I saw so many stars in the sky.

Thankfully we woke up early in the morning. . which is a task for us every Sunday; we hit the waves. More than us having fun in the water, the sea was having fun with us. It yanked us in and without a warning threw us out, bashed us with strong waves and by the time we could recover, yanked us back in. What we thought went on for hours and hours, actually took place for about just one. Refreshing in a whacked way. Now I know why my surfer friend keeps coming back to office with bruises all over every Monday morning.

The rest of the day we just sat in one of those lil sea facing shacks chatting and hogging fish, talking and then not talking until it was time for us to pick up our bag go ride back to our routine weekdays.





NO SAREE?? Why Not??

First of all, let me start by wishing all you lovely ladies a Happy Women’s Day. Stay strong and live life queen – size with no regrets 😀 😀

Moving on…

So on this fabulous day,  a few of the ladies at my work place decided to deck up in sarees and be all colorful for the day – which had a nice feel to it. But as every group goes, there have to be a few people who HAVE TO stand against the whole thing and not be a part of it. So much for team spirit eh!

Well, it doesn’t really bother me that many people don’t like to participate for whatever reason. What gets on my nerves is the way they shun the entire idea without giving an ounce of thought as to what the people who really look forward to doing things and take efforts to come out of their shy and humdrum zone feel to such a grisly reaction.

The Saree is considered as one of the most beautiful feminine style of dressing. The yards of beautifully woven grace literally emits agility and strength and enumerates femininity as well. It is that worn pride that women of every shape, class, india-1097565_1920color, age and more boast about all their curves and sensuality and yet keep all that oomph layered up. Its beauty for ages and traditions and more to come. It celebrates the Indian Woman on every soil.

Its was sad to know that had I come in jeans to shorty shorts or a tight tweety -T, it would have been fine somewhat . . I mean I obviously would have got nasty looks but it sadden me even more when I got the same reaction or even worse just for being a part of the Saree wearing gang.

I obviously wore it and felt the best way the whole day. A Happy woman day indeed 😀 😀



Me Myself with Me!

Have you ever observed how everyone keeps saying that they need to take a break for themselves…a little bit of ‘me time’? Well I am one of those everyone as well and I keep wanting a ‘me time’ almost every damn time. I know I ask for a lot!

Well I know how difficult and irritating it is to travel for hours to go to work and then to come back home just to cook and clean – but oh well…. sadly, we revolve around money and thus keep going around the routine again and again – grumbling and mumbling that we have had enough only to end up doing the same thing again and again. What a disgusting circle of life! Sheesh!

At one point, I realized that I was too tired of complaining of this loop and that breaking the monotony is not always easy – to take a small trip, have an entire day of nothing or practically everything (beach – beer- buddies – bods to drool at), to run away to lala land and blah blah. I decided to take my ‘me’ breaks during all those little specs of times when I know that I will only be with me.

Now then, the longest time I have with myself everyday (well almost) is when I poop – don’t roll your eyes – even you know that what I am saying is correct – when else do you sit in one place for about 10 – 15 minutes straight with absolutely no one else around (unless you have some weird fetishes) with all your thoughts with you knowing that whatever goes on in that twitchy brain of yours stays within those 4 walls?!?! Throw in another 10 – 15 odd minutes for a bath and you can find yourself in your very own fantasy land for a cool half hour. Nice eh?

Next are all those long signals that I HAVE TO WAIT FOR while going to office and coming back. It’s amazing what people do in all those little times – sing, shout at each other, scratch themselves, be a part of a drama, dig their nose, stare at infinity and I simply love to create a small story around them. Thankfully my face is always wrapped up in a scarf so they don’t find out that I am glaring, laughing or staring at them.

Then of course, while cooking – oh how I love those hot and fragrant moments between the stove and me – making me all sweaty and move fast on my tired and aching feet!

As I have mentioned before, I love daydreaming – so that takes up quite a bit of my day as well and how could I ever forget my Manga time! I love these little ‘me times’.