Dreaming in Yercaud

I can never get over this visit for this one spectacular view that absolutely swept me off my feet.

I often imagine myself sitting on the steps of that house or on the front porch, with a nice hot ginger tea in one hand and one of my favorite books in the other till the day still has light. A nice tune of some track of world music playing at the back like enigma, pahadi music or African beats.

And as the sun sets and the day becomes cooler, sitting in front a bon fire with roast potato and barbecued fish and myΒ better half – Nakul to chat and snuggle with. Catching the glimpses of small lights that flicker on neighboring mountains as the moon shines on.


Given an option, what would you do in a place like this?





9 thoughts on “Dreaming in Yercaud

  1. Ooh! I’ll probably do all my big thinking there- “Am I sane?” “Why am I sane?” Or even maybe “What will happen if I fall down this damn cliff?” “Will people mourn me?” “Who will be at my funeral?” and the like πŸ˜€ Bet you’re already cowering in remorse at having asked the question πŸ˜›


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