Enthralling Kodaikanal

Kodai Kodaikanaaaaalll…

So then we (Nakul & me) started our journey by my favorite mode of transport – the train… weren’t able to see much of our traveled path as we were travelling at night.

Day 1

IMG_20160122_074930.jpgWe reached our stop – Kodaikanal Road early in the morning and took a bus towards Kodaikanal City. It was a beautiful 3 hour journey through the mountain roads, paddy fields, waterfall views, cute little villages and a front row view to the sunrise of the day.

Once we reached Kodaikanal, the first thing that we did was to hog on delicious egg dosa – the first I’ve ever had.

Our stay had been booked in this amazing place – Sterling Resorts – Kodai by the lake.

Don’t get me wrong…we are budget travelers but who is going to give up free stay in this lavish place?

After a good lazy sleep, we decided to rent out cycles and make head way to the city center. We took a nice long route around the Kodaikanal Lake. With the mist still hanging above the perfectly still green waters, we kept gazing over a view that was too vast for us to take in in one glare.

Being a city that is high on tourist ventures, the best thing that it has adopted is the ban on plastic bags and other such which has helped in keeping it clean.

Day 2

Today we decided to go trekking with a local group and see a few things around Kodaikanal.

Vatakanal Falls through it downward flow- Clean, calm and shimmering. Even the trek was a beautiful one through the forest. If lucky, one would be able to see a 5 ton huge bison.


Echo Rock and Dolphins Nose through the eucalyptus forest.

The path was a little bumpy and believe me when I say that after every 5 minutes of our walk, there would be only one thing going through my mind – loud and clear ‘YOU NEED TO EXERCISE FATSO!’

Due to the heavy fog, anything beyond 5 feet looked white and non – existing.

Post evening as the day closed early, we (all aching from the 20+ km walk and hike) decided to take as early retreat as well winding up our a day by sitting on a huge wooded swing with a nice bottle of coconut rum, mild songs and a mountain view of the lake –blisssssssss…

Day 3

Through our journey, we kept meeting up with a lot of people from all over the globe and to our surprise, we became friends with this crazy and full of life solo traveler- Purva. Thanks to her, we were introduced to this absolutely gorgeous an breathtaking place – Karuna Farms. The owner or the person who built this place must have been a magician to keep this place hidden from the public eye for so long and to build guesthouses on the mountain slopes with a view to die for. Imagine waking up to that every morning?!?!

The Vastness…The Silence in-between the Rustle…Nature’s Grand…Never-ending View…That Feeling – Breathless!

4 thoughts on “Enthralling Kodaikanal

  1. I’ve been to Kodai a dozen times when I was a child. It’s been years since I last went but your travelogue made me reminisce those wonderful times I spent there with mom and dad! Thanks a lot for that and keep hooting more! 😀


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